Dr. Isabella von Sivers

Dr. Isabella von Sivers

Dr. Isabella von Sivers is a German patent attorney, an authorised representative before the European Patent Office as well as a European trademark and design attorney. She has been working in the field of intellectual property since 2017.

Dr. Isabella von Sivers holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Scientific Computing and a Master of Science degree in Mathematics with specialisation on numerical analysis and modelling of physical systems. She also holds a Doctor of Science in Computer Science from the Technical University of Munich. Her doctoral thesis focused on the simulation of pedestrian dynamics, in particular the incorporation of individual and social behaviour into efficient computer models.

During and after her studies, Dr. Isabella von Sivers worked for large international companies in IT and research departments and as a research assistant at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich. She gained experience in computer simulation, network and database engineering, image processing, uncertainty quantification and high-performance computing.

Her main focus in the field of intellectual property is on information and communication technology, in particular telecommunications and processor architecture, with a special expertise in software-related inventions.

In addition to her work in patent prosecution for small, medium-sized and large companies before the German and European Patent Offices, Dr. Isabella von Sivers assists our firm in representing clients in opposition and nullity proceedings before the German and European Patent Offices, the German Federal Patent Court and the European Boards of Appeal. She is regularly involved in infringement proceedings for multinational corporations.