Our Team

Success comes when great dedication, a strong emphasis on quality, many years of experience and specialised knowledge in different fields are brought together.

Every Patent Attorney in our team contributes valuable experience gathered from extensive university studies in technical and scientific fields and subsequently shaped by training and experience in patent, trade mark and design law. This is supplemented by ongoing training - we do not allow ourselves to rest on our laurels. Our teaching activity in specialist seminars, our numerous publications and our training programmes for junior staff are proof that we always like to go one step further - an advantage which naturally benefits our clients.

Our colleagues' combined strengths are brought to the fore in individually coordinated teams. If the case demands, we also call upon the services of external lawyers so as to be able to put together the most effective team. Together, we analyse every argument from all angles in order to identify any weaknesses and eliminate them, and to anticipate what may come up in the proceedings, thus strengthening our own position.

Our focus is on the field of patent law and its technical aspects, and encompasses physics, information technology, electrical engineering, mechanics and chemistry. At the interface between technology, science and law, we work together to transform ideas into effective property rights, and at the same time defend their terrain. Other focus areas include trade-mark and design law.